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Service manufacturing has taken China's machine tool industry further

Issuing time:2019-02-26 19:59

"Smile curve" theory points out that in an industrial chain, the added value is more reflected in the two ends, namely, technology patents and brand services, while assembly and manufacturing are at the lowest end of the whole industrial chain. For China's machine tool industry, if the transformation from "manufacturing power" and "production power" to "manufacturing power" and "creation power", "smile" theory has pointed out a bright road: service manufacturing.

Service is becoming a competitive tool

For many years, China's manufacturing industry has been at the low end of the global value chain, which is extremely detrimental to China's manufacturing competitiveness in the world. With the development of technology and increasing competition, the development model relying solely on technology and products cannot maintain the long-term competitive advantage of enterprises.

Machine tools, especially CNC machine tools as a mechanical and electrical integration of machining equipment, not only more complex technology, but also to meet the requirements of the user's process, so that there should be perfect after-sales service, but also to understand the user's production process and specific requirements of pre-sale service. With the development of the market and the change of user demand, the so-called "turnkey" engineering service concept has become very popular in the international market.

For the machine tool manufacturing industry, "turnkey" engineering services are mainly reflected in the process requirements of users and production guidelines, to provide complete parts processing solutions. Not only for users to provide a single machine tool equipment, but also contains processing technology, machine tools, fixtures, tools, inspection and measurement, software and other connotations. In today's era of diversified and personalized user demand, "service" has become a competitive tool for equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Service manufacturing leads the market

In order to better adapt to the changes of users' demands, the equipment manufacturing industry is developing from the hardware (production) centered mode to the software (service) centered mode with comprehensive engineering capability (product + service). More and more machine tool manufacturers are abandoning the traditional production concept and actively offering "turnkey engineering" in favor of "service manufacturing".

In 2007, Hanno Elbrachter, President of DMG China, promised to "build DMG China into a service company." Several years on, hanno says his promise has been fulfilled during the 2011 Beijing machine tool show. Demaghi China, through technical centers in Beijing, shenyang and other places, 24/7 telephone service hotline, network service system, training schools and other ways, with the fastest response speed, high quality technical solutions to improve customer support. Today, the customer satisfaction of demaggi has reached 95%. In 2010, the sales volume of demaggi in China reached 16.9 billion yuan, becoming the most promising market of demaggi group. Demaggi said it will continue to provide the highest end of complete processing solutions and turnkey solutions in the future to participate more in the Chinese market.

Rafael Barrenechea, President of Spain's Danobat group, says Danobat offers Chinese customers solutions as well as equipment. "Danobat implements a turnkey project where we can provide customers with products and machine tools to meet specific needs, as well as an overall solution for parts processing."

In contrast, the vast majority of China's machine tool manufacturers are small enterprises. Only shenyang machine tool and dalian machine tool ranked among the top 20 global machine tool manufacturers. In general, the independent innovation ability of enterprises is still in a weak position, with few independent property rights of key technologies and core technologies. The combination of high and new technology and traditional industrial transformation is not enough, the degree of informatization is not high, and the development of manufacturing service industry is lagging behind. Only a few companies can provide flexible production lines for user industries and provide "turnkey" engineering solutions for users.

Help manufacturing to service transformation

In order to remain invincible in the fierce world market competition and truly become a "manufacturing power", China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises must establish the business philosophy of "user-centered", meet users' needs, help users solve problems, and transform to service-oriented manufacturing.

1. Independent innovation to achieve independent research, development and production of key technologies and parts

At present, there is a considerable problem in the development of China's machine tool industry, that is, high-end equipment, key parts and components are still heavily dependent on imports, domestic production is mainly medium and low-end equipment, which is not conducive to the healthy development of China's machine tool industry in the long run. Therefore, China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises should continue to innovate, independent research and development, and strive to localize key parts and key technologies.

2. Customer-centric, customized to provide personalized services for customers

One of the core to realize servitization of machine tool industry is to take customer as the center, customize according to customer needs, and actively provide customers with the required personalized service.

3. Implement the integration strategy of the two technologies and accelerate the informatization transformation of machine tool enterprises

We should stick to the new path of industrialization and vigorously promote the integration of it application and industrialization. In order to develop equipment manufacturing industry, it is necessary to make full use of information technology and high and new technology. The machine tool enterprise should carry on the informationization transformation positively, realizes the manufacture process automation and the flexibility, the ecology, the individuality, the diversification.

4. Improve the industrial chain and improve the allocation and use efficiency of resources

Machine tool enterprises should adapt to changes in market demand, improve the supporting development of heavy and large machine tools and other products, form a complete industrial chain, and provide strong support for the national energy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, military, transportation and other pillar industries.

5. Scale development to improve product reliability, stability and precision

To be truly competitive in the world, enterprises must have a certain scale. At present, there are a large number of machine tool enterprises in China. Except for a few enterprises such as shenyang machine tool and dalian machine tool, most machine tool enterprises generally have a small scale, which results in scattered resources, poor industrial concentration and weak overall competitiveness, making it difficult for them to fight against large foreign enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the resource integration and enterprise reorganization of the machine tool industry and establish a machine tool enterprise with a certain scale.

With the rapid development of aerospace, electronics, military and other industries, for the reliability of machine tools, precision, stability and other requirements are increasingly high, domestic machine tools to enhance the share in these industries, must improve their own reliability, stability and precision

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