LZ cutting tools co. LTD


Changzhou lizhan cutting tools co., LTD. Is a cutting tool manufacturer mainly engaged in production, design, research and development and sales. Its main equipment is imported from Germany, and it has more than 10 modern 5-axis CNC intelligent tool grinding machines (HAWEMA3000 NUMROTO, HAWEMA2001 NUMROTO, DECKEL-S22 NUMROTO).
Equipped with precision universal tool measuring equipment: ZOLLER, Taiwan kj-102a, Germany PG2000, etc. According to the workpiece design and development of high precision cutting tools provided by customers, responsible for the production of high temperature alloy milling cutters, titanium alloy milling cutters, tungsten steel internal cold deep hole drill, tungsten steel precision reamer, tungsten steel thread milling cutters, tungsten steel taps, tungsten steel molding cutters and so on. Choose different materials according to customer needs.
Our main raw material suppliers: German limite (German blue school), American kenner metal, Japan sumitomo electrician, German cobalt ring, xiamen jinlu tungsten industry, etc. Combined with the high-end coating series of suzhou oerlikan balchas company, to provide customers with better
quality service. To save production cost for customers, and provide tool repair business.
Changzhou lizhan cutting tools co., LTD. Aims at providing the best service in aviation parts, automobile parts, precision molds and 3C industries.


Building 13-2, tool industry base, no.26 middle lingshan road, xixia shu town, xinbei district, changzhou city, jiangsu province